Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Thanks Norman

So, after remembering my friend Norman, I gave another look at the piece I am working on. It's just a little flat. What can I do to spice it up?, I added more architectural flare to the castle. I haven't posted that yet because most of the work was done right on the painting. I added some carvings and ledges to give it a more personal look. Like people that actually cared about the place, built it. In some of the carved area's I want to add some Dragon motifs to stay with the theme of boy and Dragon. Then while looking for castles in a fantastic book I have on Vikings, I can across this wooden toy from about 800 A.D. GREAT! I hadn't even thought about that. Now the story is fuller. This kid has been living in a castle that obviously gives thought to dragons, he owns dragon toys, and then one day he looks out his window to find dragons have appeared to play.

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