Thursday, December 06, 2007


Thes two are the rough and finished drawings for THIS years Christmas card featuring our dog, Faith. She has been known to get into a bit of trouble from time to time. So, given her disinterest in visitors, escpecially straight men, which I assume Santa to be, I thought this would be a fitting image for the card. She does have a passion for chasing squirrels, so the addition of the toy on the right, seemed appropriate. I'll do a color rough and then hit the finish. Running out of time, so hopefully it will only be a few days of painting and I'll have it out to the printers.


Lighthouse Pilot said...

This is fantastic. Makes me want to sketch with a blue pencil. Ahhh...Christmas cards...I always talk about doing one and never get around to it. Mayhaps this year. You've inspired me with your gorgeous new work.

Bill Ennis said...

Guess I won't be visiting you at home. Straight with five kids is probably too much for the pooch to handle.
I'm in L.A. about once a month now with a new client. Love to do lunch sometime.
Merry Christmas!