Friday, May 30, 2008



In between assignments, i'm working on a new piece for my portfolio on the i spot ( ) incase you haven't seen it.
This piece covers a few bases that I feel need attention in my portfolio. The first is, I just feel my portfolio could use some more animals. The second is color. I'm trying to introduce new color palettes in my work, using colors that aren't usual for me. I'd like to continue to have a cohesive style of work, but within that have a variety of color solutions. SO........ what I've posted is the drawing, the painting, at it's current stage, and a close up of the main boy.



Teri said...

omigod COLOR!!! But as usual, compositionally brilliant and captivating subjects. I love it!

Gulzar said...

Pretty sleek work in here Tim,
hopped into your blog thru Pete's blog...

keep it up!

will be back again!

Gulzar said...
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Illustrator's Lounge said...

Thanks for stopping by. You got some nice work here, feeling your style, it has a subtle hint of Bill Plympton. Very cool.

The Lounge