Wednesday, September 10, 2008


A new month, and a new painting for BNET. As usual the Art Director, Marc Mendell,
gave me tons of freedom to create some really fun and interesting characters. This piece was about 40 something people who,when confronted with the opportunity of using the latest networking sites, are either enthusiastic, uninterested or completely overwhelmed. Below I have posted the drawing. ( It originally included the main character as employee of the month, but BNET felt it was too distracting.)I have also included some of the reference I used. I followed some of it pretty closely and others I really changed a lot. The main guy was a combination of three or four different photos. The hand is one, the face another, the body another. ENJOY. You can also check out the site to see how it was used as well as pieces I have done for them in the past.


Lighthouse Pilot said...

Seriously, Tim, this is fantastic. Really fantastic! It looks a little more textury (yeah, it's a word) than your stuff usually looks. Are you still using those sweet sweet paints that I want to get but forgot what you said they were and where to get them...(hint hint...tell me again)...or are you trying something new? Or...or...are you tired of my run-on sentences?

hamchat said...

Tim, love it! Happy to see you're cooking on the freelance front. Feels so good to be your own boss.
Nice work!
By the way, to make the link to bnet or any other thing live, highlight the word (like 'bnet') on your posting then click on the little chain icon and it gives you a window to paste the url and it becomes a hot link. If you want... you don't have to..don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

Lighthouse Pilot said...


So this was acrylic...but weren't there some paints you used that were for animators or something? Maybe I dreamed it. If not...maybe I can find that old email.

coleen said...

tim, your work looks great! I love the faces of all the people. the more you look the more you see. i am going to check out the bnet website next!

Howard Shum said...

Nice paintings!