Wednesday, August 01, 2012


This episode took place entirely in a go-kart park. Originally, the backgrounds were designed with real trees and bushes, but to create more of an artificial look I suggested they should all look like they were cut out of wood, and propped up. I also created an artificial grass texture made of dots to sell the idea even further.
The two pages of Art Director notes refer to the opening scene, ( the idea being, we didn't want it to be obvious that they weren't real race cars.) The series of"red faced" kicks with the bomb explosion, is when kick gets the news that his older brother, Brad is in charge of the go-kart park.

The second page shows notes for Kicks body being pumped full of adrenaline for the big race. We found a great example of something similar on youtube and used it as a starting point for our kick version.  I've included the kick body interior that I did for the scene.

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