Wednesday, August 01, 2012


I will tell you, Art Directing this show was a great experience, but I certainly didn't do it alone. I had a great director, Chris Savino and an amazing crew of super talented and dedicated artists that made my job not only easier but a great pleasure. This section was for an episode where Kick is being tormented by his brother Brad. He becomes super paranoid and I thought NOIR! 
So, as Kick walks down the street hearing the echoing voice of his brothers torments I  de-saturated the backgrounds of the street area, added strips of shadows to indicated prison bars, and designed a series of images that were limited in color and shape. The more Kick becomes paranoid the simpler the backgrounds become, until they are just large shapes of limited color. Even as he enters his own room, thinking he's safe the style continues to be simple to enhance his separation for reality. Broken only when his friend Gunther slams open the door, breaking the spell.

 The splatters of color that I thought would be a good idea to show as he is rained upon by couches ( of all things ) didn't quite work when we got the footage back, so they were lost in the final edit. Live and learn.


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