Thursday, July 06, 2006

Black and White and Red all over.

I really have been working....I swear...No really.
These drawings are roughs for the Black and White Illustrations that will accompany the bookcover. The red in the title of this post refers to my embarrassment in taking so long to get them up.
As this is a fictional book, I don't need to explain where these two pictures will fit in the story because honestly I don't know. I just wanted to do something that looked interesting.
As I said these are roughs, the girl holding the small glowing pea is a first pass and will most likely change as I revisit her. The other just needs to be cleaned up, and then painted. I'll paint these in Black anad White instead of doing them in pencil, which I think is the norm.
I really have been working on other projects. I'm drawing, as well, pictures for a children's book I've written. I've also been writing two new books ( it would be nice to finish the first one) and collaborating with a friend on another.
I haven't even started talking about the Fine Art yet......


Kali Chung said...

The first pic with the girl crouching first glance it looks like an Asian woman doing the "kimchi" squat... maybe that's 'cause I'm Asian. Anyways, hi, Tim! I've got a blog too! Check me out~ (I love your drawings BTW!!! ^_^ )

S.B. said...

Timmy. I really love the drawing of the girl with the Pea. The composition is awesome. In a neat way it seems like the tree branch is hugging the drawing. Nice! Always love to see your work!


Kali Chung said...

Hey Tim! Add me to your Netflix list!

I wanna see what other movies we have in common! ^_^

*Kali-Andy's wife*

Bill Ennis said...

Dude, I lost your number again. Shoot me an email and we can grab lunch when I'm in L.A. again.
Send it to I'll get my "real" email to you then.

Janice Kubo said...

Hey Tim,
You left without saying goodbye! Will miss you around here! What will be your next adventure?

Bill Ennis said...

Tim, go to
I just put #5 up. Sculpture my wife was working on for 9.5 months.