Thursday, November 15, 2007

well, hello there.

It's been awhile.
Personal and professional setbacks and difficulties have been the reason for my long absense.
BUT, I'm back working BLISSFULLY at home. And, I'm loaded with work. It's great and all the work is great fun.
It's giving me time to experiment a bit with different media and return, on some projects ,to oil painitng, which I really love. The example I've posted was drawn traditionally and then painted in Photoshop. Surprisingly, this is new to me . This was for Highlights magazine ( that magazine you always ran to in the dentists office.) This is one of a group of spot illustrations I did for them. I love workiing for Highlights. They always give me a good amount of time and never make too many changes.ya gotta love that.

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Christian Alzmann said...

Sweet!! Look at you going with the computer!! Nice piece!!