Monday, June 23, 2008

Draw everything twice

OK not everything. But, I have found over the years when I draw somethings twice it works best for me. I can too easily fall in love with a drawing and not see a better or different way of drawing it. Once I have finished the drawing, I put another sheet of paper on top of the drawing, and reexamine everything. These two drawings are an example of that . This was for a Soprano's type cookbook that never went to publication. Too bad too, I've always liked the drawing and have every intention of painting it soon. You can see the changes I made to the food. I think they are just more interesting shapes, plus they all work as a unit 100% better. The addition of the salt and pepper shakers helped as well. Also, I tipped the perspective on the table. I made the man's hands bigger to give him more of a thuggish look. Also, although I haven't shown it I added some plastic grapes on either side of the figure to help frame him. The city in the back will look like a wall mural. This has great potential. I love the fact that he's tucked the table cloth into his shirt instead of a napkin.

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