Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I have spent so many years worrying and doubting my work. I guess that's normal. Some people have suggested to me that I update my style. Maybe try painting on the computer,get a different look and believe me I've tried. But, the conclusion I came to is, this is me. This is how I draw, this is my color sense, this is how I see things, this is what makes me happy. This drawing is a perfect example of what makes me happy. This is the main figure of a new job I am working on. The piece is about dealing with the pressures that bosses face in having less staff, less money, and more work.
I like taking chances in the drawing of figures. I'm trying to pull back a bit from exaggerating too much. I had gotten to a place where I was creating faces and bodies that were a bit odd as a result of not paying close enough attention to anatomy. Excess within control.......Originally , I was trying to create a business woman that was younger and in better shape. I think the woman I came up with is actually better. She's a real character, someone you might know. I love that her body is just one oblong shoulders. worried, defeated.. it was a joy to draw her.
I figure if I'm not gonna have fun, what's the point.

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