Friday, April 03, 2009


been awhile...BUT. This is the latest piece for BNET on navigating difficult financial waters. Marc Mendell, completely supportive Art Director, allowed me to try my hand at an illustration in the Illustrator program.( i didn't give him much of a choice) UP until this time I have done completely traditional pieces for them. Having done the drawing I thought, " GOD, painting this wheel would be SO much easier in Illustrator than having to drag out my compass, brush the dust off it and then paint it by hand." SO, I gave it a shot. I think it's pretty successful. I think it's got a pretty good mood.


Josh Lieberman said...

Killer piece Tim. It looks great.
Ps; we've gotten a lot of compliments on the paintings you did for Manny & Khan. Everyone who watches it asks "who painted the BG's?"

Christian Alzmann said...

Damn thats a nice one!! You gotta show me how you use Illustrator sometime. I could use a change.

Sketchbox said...

Tim, I generally don't use Illustrator this way, but you've inspired me to try some different approaches. Any more, I just want to throw my digital tools through a 7th-floor window and become a fine art hermit in a canyon somewhere. Somewhere with water. And kayaks. ;)