Friday, October 03, 2008

Drawing and Finish

Here's the Drawing. I tried to stay pretty close to the thumbnail as far as the composition went.When I went to color I wanted a pretty limited palette. I figured McCain was going to be in the shadows and I didn't want alot of color distracting from him.
This piece went pretty fast. A day or two for the drawing ( likenesses are always tricky) and the about 4 days to paint.


Lighthouse Pilot said...

This is sweet sweet nice! I know I typed sweet twice. It's my new thing. I'm stealing it from the show Psych...because I have no shame.

Nice composition and nice use of the limited palette. Also...nice likeness. It doesn't look like it was tricky at all. You get a gold star!

Illustrator's Lounge said...

That's quite possibly the scariest McCain I've ever seen, but strangely he is still adorable.

Your blog is great and it's always nice coming back seeing new work!

The Lounge.

pointpusher said...

Great site, and wonderful pieces of art!

rajesh...yeshraj said...

Nice work..Wonderful blog.inspiring...